ADELE kicked off her heels and gave us a song

April 13, 2011 — Leave a comment

Last night Scott Dylan went to the Olympia in Dublin to see Adele perform, before last night I wasn’t the biggest fan of Adele, mainly because I hadn’t really followed her career but did enjoy listening to her music.

Two minutes into the performance, I was won over. Kicking off her heels after her first number and asking for the lights to be switched on so she could get as close to the audience as she could to grab some of the letters and banners that was being shown to her, she showed us that she was still grounded and nervous by the prospect of performing in front of a crowd, who’d have thought that an artist that has been number 1 in 17 countries would still have slight stage fright Although when asked about her being knocked off the No. 1 spot, Adele replied “I’m happy that it was a stadium selling artist who knocked me off the top”.

What I liked about Adele was that there was no big production, no dancers, no light show. The whole performance was based around her and her voice alone.

Adele gave us an insight into what each song was about and how it connected to parts of her life… including her ex boyfriend! There was even some banter about her mum. I’m sure that even those with a heart of stone would be moved by the genuine emotion that Adele puts into performing and singing her songs.

At the end of the performance I was slightly disappointed because the performance just ended and Adele walked off the stage without even a goodbye or thank you to the audience, and that was the end….

However I would definitely recommend anyone who can get a ticket for an Adele concert to make sure you go. Like me, if you wasn’t the biggest fan before you see her… you definitely will be after!

A special note to Olympia Security: When someone buys a ticket to a concert they expect to be able to take pictures… understand the difference between professional cameras and amateur ones!


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