Benefits of a Digital Marketing Consultant

July 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

Many businesses spend a significant amount of time trying to create a brand image locally.  While it is important to understand that tradition marketing such as leaflets and brochures are important for brand recognition, business owners should put efforts into digital marketing if they are to stand out from their competition.

Although a company can exist without the need for assistance from a digital marketing consultant, lots of opportunities are being missed out on.  If you haven’t already, it is time to connect with your clients online.

Digital marketing is growing at a rate that is difficult to keep up with and Scott Dylan a digital consultant Manchester and London based is the answer.

As the internet continues to revolve and shows no sign of slowing down so has the need for online services.  Internet users are gearing up for technology as internet-ready phones and tablets are now the norm.  Digital marketing has never been more important.

Research suggests that 80% of internet users are researching companies, buying products and comparing products.  Without having an online presence you are not reaching your target audience.

One of the biggest concerns for companies is the cost of digital marketing.  How much is it going to cost your business?  Many companies especially in the current climate we face have limited funds to spend on marketing.  Scott Dylan is a digital marketing consultant London and Manchester based that can show search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing to be surprisingly much more affordable than traditional advertising space in newspapers and billboard space.

Digital marketing has proven to be a more affordable way to increase brand awareness and on a much larger scale.  A Digital marketing consultant can show you how to reach millions within seconds, with the results being seen at a much quicker rate.  You cannot deny digital marketing should be a part of your plan!

It is now time to shift your focus and learn to adapt to the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – By using keywords that are used in search engines your visibility in search engines such as Google can be dramatically improved
  • Content Marketing – The sharing of content in order to create links back to your website
  • Pay-Per-Click – An internet advertising method used on websites.  The host only pays for the advert once the advert is clicked
  • Social Media – engage with your followers and fans through Facebook and Google

As a digital marketing consultant Manchester and London based, helping many companies grow their business and in the process realising their potential.  We are more than a digital marketing agency; we are a digital partner for your business.  We hold the skills and knowledge that can increase your visibility on website search allowing you, the business owner the time to do what you do best, develop products and services.  You can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Regardless of how little or large your business we can develop a marketing strategy that will enhance customer engagement through mediums such as social media and email.

There are still customers that believe they can be successful without the need for a strong digital marketing presence.  These companies will still be able to maintain their success locally and are able to grow their revenues but sooner or later the customers will gradually change their buying habits.

We can show any company regardless of the size the benefits that can be achieved from digital marketing.  We can show you how to outperform your competition and create fantastic results


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