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6 Secret Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

Scott Dylan: Avoiding The Common Pitfalls of Entrepreneurship

Every business starts with a great idea, but not all ideas are born equal. By understanding your idea, you have more chance of profiting from it. There two main types of business idea: Some are truly original, and lead to completely new business models, or game-changing products. Others are merely an improvement on an existing idea. Both types can lead to highly profitable businesses!

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Are you an entrepreneur with your finger in too many different pots? Are you having trouble sustaining interest in the business you’ve started? Are you feeling restless and ready for a change?

The same restlessness that caused you to become your own boss in the first place can easily come upon you again. Just because you’re an entrepreneur doesn’t mean the craving for something new and different ceases. Three to four years is a normal amount of time for anyone to reposition himself in a career, self-employed or not. Perhaps you’ve reached that stage too.

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